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It Was Clever.

I Have Never Seen A Parody Like This So I Have No Idea What F*gs Below Me Are Talking About Either Way It Deffinatly Didn't Deserve Anything Below 7.

It Was Ok......

That Movie Was Ok But It Needed Better Graphics And It Needed To Be A Bit Longer.

Short And Sweet

He Poops In His Blue Jeans. Good For A Quick Joke, That's A Lot Of Speakers/Amplifiers.


White screen at the end? you may want to fix that, to be honest im not sure what this is, very random and tons of strange images, if your just testing i dont think newgrounds is good for that, test on a site first then submit here a full version, anyways better luck next time...


This film is better than the original. keep up the good work.


Well This was Interesting, it had some jpegs that could have been better and more sharper looking, the animation seemed abit slow so maybe speed it up abit but overall it was interesting...

More artlike stuff, besides the jpegs...
Interesting animation, could be improve don...

A Short slightly more intellectual than the usual fare on here. The art is simple but atomospheric. The music is very fitting. The intro lasts way too long however. I almost lost interest before it even started. The Ending seems glitched as well. When given two choices I Could only click one of them... There seemed to be something missing from it and that explains my high rating

This wasn't bad. It was just nothing too interesting. The animation doesn't seem to hold up well. At least you're paying tribute to such a loved movie! He probably is the most memorable part of the whole film. Well, Baby Ruth Salutes You!

It was good that you used actual audio. It's just that this didn't seem to have much point. I guess your later animations will be better. That does look like him. I liked him swirling around at the end.

It's been too long since i've heard that music. This really was very funny. at first, i was afraid that this was just going to be one joke. Well, it kind of was. It just did it with different animals. It's great to see a really old Daily Feature.

I just loved the cheesy effects. The best part was probably the end. You did do variants with the explosions. Well, more like mutilations. It's still creative.

That Was Quite Funny. This Is Common Knowledge by now. I admit the drawings were kind of crude. Then again, The Whole Thing was crude! We Need More Scooby-Doo here.

You were one of the earliest animators here. You're still around today! I Loved The White Stuff gag. I'm Glad it wasn't too graphic. It's Mild compared to what other People Have Done!

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